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Many people are left dead when a man known only as "The Digger" opens fire in a train station. A hand written letter is the only clue.
Well, got to tell you why: <br/><br/>1) Their screenplays always with very bad dialog, making every character&#39;s speaking and talking a bit of unreal, like recited from memory, and everybody speaking with pure American English without any accent. Nobody got any background accent like everybody grew up in the same house, same school, same neighborhood, same area, same city and same State.<br/><br/>2) Horrible nonsensical sound track. The background music in every movie alwayssounded like the same. Lot of time the sound track started without anynecessity and stopped abruptly without any reason.<br/><br/>3) The funny thing is every role in the Lifetime movies is just so polite and sounds like well educated.<br/><br/>4) The female characters are always played by pretty women, you just can&#39;t find any ugly ones, even the young kids are pretty.<br/><br/>5) Very lame directing.<br/><br/>This movie is no exception. You might get brain tumor if you force yourself to keep watching it, just by listening to the pure American English without any accent by everybody would drive you nuts.
There is some surface tension in this story of two mass-murdering villains who plot to rob money from a police stash and kill a graphologist (or whatever he is), but the tension derives from hoary cinematic techniques and plot devices.<br/><br/>I&#39;ll give an example of a hoary cinematic technique and plot device. Thus: In an attempt to track down the villains by means of deduction, physical evidence, and computer skills, three investigators (including Henstridge and Scott) locate his lair in an abandoned warehouse. They creep upstairs to the loft, guns drawn, and examine the refrigerator and cabinets they find there. Henstridge open a cabinet door. There&#39;s a BOMB inside – with a red digital read out. (Close up of numbers ticking down from the three minutes before detonation.) &quot;Get out! Move!&quot;, shouts Henstridge. But Scott delays, tugging at some papers lodged between bricks. (Close up of read out showing about two minutes.) Henstridge rushes to Scott, tugs him, the papers come loose and they rush towards the door. (Close up of read out.) One of the guys stumbles on the staircase and the others hurry to help him to his feet. (Close up.) The three hobble awkwardly down three flights of stairs. (Close up.) They finally reach the street and run like hell. (Close up, showing all zeros in red digital read out.) BOOM, and the fourth floor is blown to bits. This is known as &quot;cross cutting&quot; and the first time it was used, as far as I&#39;m aware, was in 1903, in Porter&#39;s &quot;The Great Train Robbery.&quot; That is to say, at the time of this production, the technique was one hundred and four years old.<br/><br/>The rest of the plot has little to add, except that, instead of one murderer who is going to commit mass murderer at midnight, there are two who will commit the murders in different places. At times the plot seemed slapdash and confusing but I missed part of it, having been interrupted by a margin call from my broker. It took longer than I&#39;d expected to convince him that the master was out and I was a maid with laryngitis.<br/><br/>You may wonder about the title. What is a &quot;devil&#39;s tear drop,&quot; or is there any such thing? Well, in the novel and the movie there is. I don&#39;t know how common the term is among handwriting experts. You know – when you dot a lower-case i – you ordinarily leave a simple dot, like a period? (I disregard those who dot their i&#39;s with tiny circles or little hearts.) The devil&#39;s tear drop begins with a dot but then continues upward and to the right, diminishing as it goes, as if it were a transplant from a Chinese character.<br/><br/>The main theme of using documents to uncover the identity and location of the murderers might have been genuinely interesting, and informative as well. I don&#39;t mean deconstructing the writer&#39;s personality from the way he writes his letters. I&#39;d guess that most experts can often tell a woman&#39;s writing from a man&#39;s, but beyond that it&#39;s mostly conjecture. The graphologists had pinned down the &quot;Son of Sam&quot; killer as an artist or engineer because of his neatly printed letters, whereas in fact he was a disorganized paranoid schizophrenic. But the main theme is clotted with back stories about family troubles in the lives of Henstridge and Scott, which I found irrelevant and boring.

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